The Struggle is Real: Help companies during the Pandemic

Too many of us have experienced loss due to the pandemic. We can't afford to lose the companies we know and trust that provide us with allergy friendly products.

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As I continue my search for allergy friendly companies and products I worry about those that have had to close shop and others who are struggling to continue serving the allergy community.

Support those that support you

I lost so much money this year that I'm not even sure I'm going to stay in business if I'm honest.”

The allergy community is a tight niech and now now is the time for us to do our part to keep the community strong. Here are some ways you can help the struggling allergy friendly businesses we all love.

Take advantage of discounts.

Don't ignore the pop ups! Sign up for email newsletters and in return receive a percentage off to save some dollars. Many small businesses are offering discounts on their products in an effort to boost company sales. Take advantage by purchasing larger than normal quantities of the sale items to help the business stay afloat. (#onsale #discountcode #stayopen)

Share your favorite stores on social media

Check out what I just got in the mail!”

Help your favorite allergy friendly companies stay afloat by paying forward its goodwill. Tell your friends and online community about ways they can support these companies, like buying gift cards, or future gifts for coworkers and teachers.

Share your experiences or short reviews of products you’ve purchased from small businesses. Follow pages like Nutlesslife on Facebook to find out about new products to try and get special deals.

Turn the world teal

If your house is already stocked full of everything you need, consider sending allergy friendly gifts to someone else. Who doesn't want to get something awesome in the mail?! Remember you don't have to have food allergies to enjoy these products. Many of these companies are not only allergy friendly, but have wholesome ingredients that are great for anyone!


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