New Year New You

Are you going to workout more this year? Yay, Me too!

Straw hats

This is me ^ I love outdoor activities, below is my favorite nut free nutrition for before, during and after exercising.

Protein Please

“Chalk is only good for rock climbing and making pretty pictures on pavement.”

So many different protein drinks and products leave you with that gross coughing chalky taste in your mouth. Which is not good... though I guess it might encourage you to drink more water after consuming it. Below are my personal favorites for a good source of protein.


Here are two protein powders I highly recommend. Nutracelle is peanut and tree nut free and Owyn is top 8 free. Both are vegan friendly HOWEVER both do contain pea protein so please check ingredients and labels to see which best fits yours diet needs. With Nutracelle you can earn rewards by joining their Nutarewards program and with Nutracelle you also get a wide variety of flavors that are great for the whole family, with a protein powder line made just for kids. Owyn has a subscription service you can also take advantage of where you can save money and never have to worry about running out. Give them both a try and share your feedback with me.


A food allergy won't stop me from seeing the world.”

There are so many different grab and go snacks I love so here is a short list of my top favorites

- Zego (bars, powders, granola and so much more)

- Madegood

- 88 Acres

- Built Bars (Don't worry! they have a separate facility for their allergy friendly bars) *Affiliate Sponsor Use code: NUTLESSLIFE for 10% off

Get Inspired

Do you have any protein filled recipes? share them with me and I'll feature you and your creation right here on my website! email me at


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