Calling all Chocolate Lovers!

Next up Valentines Day. Be ready to WOW your loved ones with allergy friendly sweets.

market of clay pots

Featured above is Buddy's Allergen Free Chocolate Mug Cake. In just one minute you will be able to devour this gooey delicious Chocolate Fudge Buddy Cake.

Buddy's Allergen Free

“I can't believe this is so easy to make and taste out of this world!”

The reviews for Buddys Allergen Free is nothing less than outstanding. With five stars all across their website and ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING! you can't go wrong this Valentine's Day with a gift like this.

Classic Sampler

You don't have to choose just one flavor you can get them all! With the classic sampler from Buddys Allergen Free you get to mix and match the cakes and frostings. My personal favorite is the warm spice mix topped with the vanilla bean frosting or the chocolate fudge cake paired with the salted date caramel. (#buddysallergenfree #freeshipping #glutenfree)

Gluten Free

I'm not sharing, get your own!”

Each order comes with three servings so you don't have to share. Not only are they gluten free but also vegan and free of the top 8 allergens. (#top8allergyfree #nutlesslife)

Get Inspired

Buy enough Buddys Allergen Free to have at home and give as gifts. Get creative with mixing and matching and share the fun you create with me on Facebook @nutlesslife


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