Gifts good for any occasion

Valentine's day is about to come and go. Here is a list of some allergy friendly gifts good for anyday.

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There is always a good day to buy something sweet for someone you want to appreciate.

*photos and information is provided by Vermont Nut Free Website

Vermont Nut Free

“The Finest Gourmet Chocolates for Everyone.”

If you are looking for a gift to wow someone Vermont Nut Free is the way to go. Perfect for corporate gifts, weddings, parties or even for your next fundraiser idea. If you don't want chocolate check out their gummy candy options. (#events #chocolate #fundraiser #allergyfriendly)

Vermont Nut Free entire selection is 100% nut free and completely safe for those with any peanut or tree nut allergy. All products are produced and packaged in a 100% dedicated nut free facility. For those concerned with other food allergies, please note that they do make products in the facility that contain dairy, soy, egg, and wheat/gluten. The ingredient labels on the packaging will indicate if the product is processed on shared equipment with a top 8 allergen. Please check the ingredient list for more detailed information on each product.

Sweet Companies

- Safe Sweets Chocolate bark, chocolate covered raisins and so much more

- BuddysAllergyFree Cake in a Mug!!

- Smart Sweets Gummy candy, with less sugar

- Sensitive Sweets Cookies, cakes and baking mixes

Peanut Butter Replacements/ Spreads

- 88 Acres

-Don't Go Nuts

- Sunbutter (my personal favorite, NEW! CHOCOLATE FLAVOR)

Protein Power

- Zego

- Built Bar (Nut Free bars are made in a shared facility on separate lines *contacted 2/10/21)

- Nutracelle

- Owyn


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